Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sparkling Peacock Bracelet by Backwood Bracelets

Look at what the boys at Backwoods Bracelets have come up with now. What a stunning and amazing bracelets. Now this is a wonderful gift for any girl. Festive and wonderful. A wonderful stocking stuffer as well.

Check this bracelet out at http://www.bracelets-plus.com/?catid=6

Prices subject to change, but currently only $10.00 (ok the web site says $9.99 but I rounded up). What a wonderful and affordable gift. I think this could be a highlight of a Christmas exchange party as well.

This bracelet is good for any occasion. Adds just the right amount of pretty colors to make a day just a little more brighter.

If you haven't checked out the backwoods bracelet before your missing out. They are always coming out with new stuff and they have so many amazing items at good prices too.