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What is The Best Christmas Tree Topper? | Socyberty

What is The Best Christmas Tree Topper? | Socyberty

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How to Make a Pom-pom Candy Cane for a Door or Wall Decoration

Making pom-poms from yarn is easy. Connect them together to make a giant candy cane. This makes a marvelous Christmas decoration. Here's how to make one.

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How to Start a Holiday Ornament Tradition By Virginia Allain

If you miss being with the family each Christmas, but want to ensure they remember you at the family gathering, here's a way to do that. Start a family tradition by giving each member an ornament for the holiday.

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How to Make Snow Flakes Online By Virginia Allain

Remember folding a piece of paper and cutting bits out of it to make a snowflake? Now you can make one like that online and even send it with a message to a friend. Here's how:

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How to Make Fan Ornaments for Christmas By Virginia Allain

This easy craft decks your Christmas tree with Victorian style. Here are directions to fill your tree with miniature Victorian silk fans.

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How to Make Christmas Bookmarks By Virginia Allain

This easy craft makes use of last year's Christmas cards that you just couldn't throw away. Turning them into bookmarks creates something special to tuck in with your Christmas messages. Hand them out at your book club or donate a stack to the public library to give to their readers.

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How to Make a Victorian Christmas Stocking By Virginia Allain

Victorian quilting with its rich fabrics, many colors and elaborate stitchwork is eye-catching. Recreate the look of a vintage crazy quilt stocking.

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How to Make a Star Ornament from a Paper Bag By Virginia Allain

Here's an easy craft using mostly recycled materials. Make a batch of these country star ornaments to decorate your tree or give them to office buddies or other friends at Christmas.

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How to Have a Homemade Christmas By Virginia Allain

Christmas isn’t something one buys in a store. People complain about the commercialism of the holiday season, but seldom think about how to change that. Start by making changes in your own approach to Christmas.

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How to Have a "Little House on the Prairie" Christmas By Virginia Allain

Christmas might be limited if finances are tight. Turn the bleak looking holiday into something special by celebrating it the pioneer way. Get the whole family involved to celebrate Christmas the Little House on the Prairie way. Here's how.

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How to Decorate a Florida Christmas Tree By Virginia Allain

It just doesn't seem right to hang the tree with snowflakes and icicles when you live in sunny Florida. Here are some ideas for creating a Florida-style Christmas tree.

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Without Stress By Virginia Allain

The Christmas rush sometimes overwhelms us with all there is to do. Decorating the Christmas tree becomes just one more chore. Here's how to slow down and savor the moment. Make it a special time as the tree magically takes on the memories and experiences of your life.

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Seashells By Virginia Allain

Seashells look terrific on a Christmas tree in a coastal area or on any tree to evoke memories of times at the beach. Pull out the stash of shells and turn them into Christmas ornaments. Here's how.

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How to Make a Fresh Christmas Wreath By B.M. Hahn

Making a fresh Christmas wreath will offer your family and friends an instant "Happy Holidays" greeting. Creating a wreath yourself will add a warm touch to your holiday decorating. Using beautiful greens and a recycled hanger, design a wreath that you can place anywhere in your home. Add a bow and your wreath-making skills will become a wonderful family tradition. Welcome the holidays and make a fresh Christmas wreath.

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How to Write a Letter to Santa Claus By B.M. Hahn

Santa Claus is coming to town! Writing a letter to Santa Claus is a rite of passage for many children. Teaching your child how to write a letter to Santa Claus is a way to open up a discussion about the meaning of Christmas, diversity and the gift of giving. Whether your child asks for a simple gift or something more complicated, writing a letter to Santa Claus gives your child the opportunity to express their interpretation of Christmas and the holiday season.

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How to Make a Christmas Spray By B.M. Hahn

Make a Christmas spray out of evergreen branches. Your Christmas spray can be used for several different decorating needs. You can display a Christmas spray as a door decoration. You can also place your Christmas spray on a tabletop, mantel or windowsill. Whatever way you choose to decorate your home for the holidays, Christmas sprays add cheer and color to your decorating scheme. Make a Christmas spray for your home or to give as a simple and heartfelt gift.

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How to Make a Fresh Christmas Garland By B.M. Hahn

Decorate your house for the holidays with a fresh evergreen garland. Create an evergreen garland to hang from your fireplace mantel, around your front door or over your windows. Your evergreen garland will add a wonderful pine scent to your holiday. Decorate your garland with ornaments, memorabilia or ribbon. Making a fresh Christmas garland will add an inviting touch to your home and just may create a new family tradition.

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Baskets By Virginia Allain

Decorate a holiday tree with miniature baskets for a rustic theme. It's easy to do and not very expensive. Here's how to do it.

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with an International Theme By Virginia Allain

You may be a world traveler or just like exotic places. Make your Christmas tree reflect your interest in faraway places. Here's how to deck a Christmas tree with international flair.

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with an Australian Theme By Virginia Allain

Maybe you have fond memories of your trip to Australia or you just love the mystique of the land-down-under. Whatever your reason, celebrate Christmas with an Aussie themed Christmas tree. Here's how to do this.

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with an African Theme By Virginia Allain

Whether you've traveled to Africa or just have African roots, you can make your Christmas tree reflect your interest in African culture and history. Here's what you need to create your unique African-themed Christmas tree.

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree on a Budget By Virginia Allain

It gets expensive to fill a good-sized Christmas tree with $5 and $8 ornaments. There are lovely decorations to make your tree special that won't break the budget. Check out the ideas below for how to find inexpensive Christmas tree ornaments.

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Start a Holiday Ornament Tradition By Virginia Allain

If you miss being with the family each Christmas, but want to ensure they remember you at the family gathering, here's a way to do that. Start a family tradition by giving each member an ornament for the holiday.

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How to Make a Pom-pom Candy Cane for a Door or Wall Decoration By Gail Martin

Making pom-poms from yarn is easy. Connect them together to make a giant candy cane. This makes a marvelous Christmas decoration. Here's how to make one.

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How to Make Magic Reindeer Food To Attract Santa By bar10dr98

If you're worried that Santa might miss your home this year, whip up a batch of this Magic Reindeer Food to attract Santa and his reindeer. The longer the reindeer stay at your house, the more time Santa has to leave presents for you!

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How to Make Snowman Poop Bags By brittlea

This is just a really cute and fun idea that you can make for friends and family. Kids get a kick out of it too, and it's easy enough for them to make. It's also cheap enough that they can make one for every kid in their class at school.

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How to Give Christmas Gifts On a Budget Without Putting Coal in The Stockings By brittlea

Many people are nervous about buying christmas gifts this year. Generally doing the holiday shopping can be expensive, and people just don't want to spend as much cash as they used to. Everyone is a little more aware of the value of their dollar. Luckily there are several things you can do to stay within a budget while getting everyone a gift they can use and will appreciate. No more coal!

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How to Decorate for Christmas Without Spending a Fortune By brittlea

It’s that time of year again, and people are hitting the stores, spending tons of money on decorations. Don’t be one of these people. You don’t have to take out a second mortgage to give your home a festive feeling this holiday season.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to bake a fantastic Zucchini Pie By TomCom

Many years ago, I found a fantastic Zucchini Pie recipe that I thought it was perfect as it was! But, I had to modify it to suite my family's tastes. Some of us are Vegetarian, while the rest of us prefer some type of meat in this pie. For years afterward, I had to bring two pies to every gathering, with the hint that I wasn't welcomed without them. Feel free to adjust the ingredients to suite your own tastes. This recipe is very versatile!

How to Prepare for the New Year

You have a week after Christmas to get the plan together. ... PARTY PLANNING: If you aren't already going to a party, invite some friends ...

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Cook a turkey when you forgot to defrost it

It's a common problem--you wake up on Thanksgiving or Christmas morning and nobody remembered to put the turkey in the refrigerator on Monday! Here's how to save the day and end up with a delicious bird! It's actually safer to cook a turkey from frozen because you don't risk contaminating your refrigerator and your turkey will always be moist and juicy.

How to Decorate a Holiday Dining Table By pepper0617

Bring the holiday season right into your home by decorating with seasonal colors, using pumpkins, turkeys, Christmas tree sprigs, or jolly Santa; put your holiday guests in the holiday spirit. Use your holiday decorating ideas to create a warm holiday feeling to your home for your dinner guests.

Use the traditional colors of red, white and green for Christmas decorations. You can also decorate with silver, gold and blue, to give your home extra elegance of the holiday season. Use winter tones and add color to your table setting and centerpiece. Add in pieces of nature with fall leaves, Christmas holly, or pine cones, along with fresh cut holiday garland tree sprigs for the holiday table. Use fall items, along with a holiday scheme to create a lovely holiday table.

How to Make Gourmet Holiday Gift Baskets By pepper0617

Gift baskets make wonderful gifts and they are so easy to make. You don’t have to have a Christmas holiday to start making Gourmet Holiday Gift Baskets. They make delightful gifts for any special occasion, or holiday during the year too, not just for the Christmas holidays. Imagine the fun you will have creating your own holiday gift baskets. These are only a few of the gift basket themes you can create yourself. You can find much more and make your own for any occasion.

How to Decorate the Christmas Tree with Kids and Be Creative By pepper0617

Your Christmas tree is supposed to express your family. So what if it the straggliest looking tree on the block – it’s still beautiful to you. Decorate it and you’ll be surprised at how beautiful it will turn out. You can’t get the tree in the door without the excitement from the kids. So let them have a part in all the Christmas activity. Isn’t what Christmas is all about anyway? You can’t put one bulb on the tree without them yelling “me too” so let them help decorate the Christmas tree. After all it’s their tree, and it’s all about your family personality, you can decorate the Christmas tree with the kids, you just have to get creative.

How to Choose Golf Gifts for Dad

Christmas Gifts for Dad: Golf Accessories · Etiquette for Choosing a Golf ...

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How to Ideas for Inexpensive Homemade Holiday Gifts By pepper0617

Christmas gifts you make yourself are more personal, and always treasured for years to come. It’s easy for the kids to get involved in the making of holiday gifts. Holiday gifts you make yourself are usually inexpensive. Here are some ideas that are simple for kids to do.

How to wrap and decorate a Christmas gift By ReuseItAll

I love wrapping gifts and finding something extra to decorate the top of the gift with. These are steps to help you top a gift and make it extra special!

How to Organize a Cookie Swap By ReuseItAll

Tis the season for cookies and friendly gatherings! Why not hold a cookie swap this year!? Everyone will come with batches of their favorite cookies and exchange them for other guest's creations!! Its great fun and a simple way for you to have a choice of holiday cookies this year. This article will help you to organize one!

How to Have a Stress Free Christmas By ReuseItAll

If you have a family that you dread seeing at holidays because their behavior is negative and unhealthy, then I'm sure you feel uneasy as we approach the holiday season. If you've tried to feel comfortable in the past, either because you've expressed your concerns or you just try to ignore it, and it hasn't worked, consider this alternative. Make your OWN HOLIDAYS. I know that may sound extreme but you deserve to have healthy experiences. Read on to find out how to spend Christmas Day free from family stress!

How to Embellish a Chipboard Ornament By 4dogday

Chipboard is pressed fiber cardboard that is not corrugated. It can be found on the backing of notebooks, cereal boxes or gift boxes. Keep in mind though, that those kinds of chipboard are not acid free and would not be suitable for scrap books.

Chipboard can also be purchased in craft stores. Often pre cut ornaments can be found in the dollar bins with 5 or 6 ornaments in a package. This makes for very inexpensive ornaments. Chipboard can be painted, inked or covered with scrap book paper.

How to Make a Jingle Bell Ornament By 4dogday

Jingle bells have long been associated with the Christmas holidays. Jingle bells are often added to horse’s harnesses or hung on doors. They are also used as ornaments on Christmas trees. These jingle bell ornaments are quick to make and use just a few supplies.

How to Start a Tradition: Making Holiday Cookies with the Kids

The Kids are getting in your hair and exited about Christmas, and all that is going on. It’s almost Christmas; get them involved in the holiday baking. Get out your favorite christmas cookie recipes they will have fun helping you. My girls always had fun making cookies with holiday cookie cutters. When it came to frosting them, you never knew what they were going to look like, but they at least at fun. If you’re going to send them to school, you better frost some yourself.

How to Create Family Traditions By pepper0617

When you think of family traditions most people think of formal dinners. Family traditions don’t have to be big events to be meaningful. Most the fun events for the family are the ones that are only in your family. Traditions mean a lot during the holiday season.

Family tradition can be something we take part in every day of the year. We need to build memories on those family traditions to pass on to our children. Family celebrations are something to look forward to no matter what the occasion.If there is cultural differences, incorporate cultural traditions with your holiday. Traditions don’t have to cost you a cent or take up any time in your schedule either. A family event only has to include the family, be fun and create memories for the whole family.

Create a personalized holiday, one that you can make memories, and remember for years to come. Relive your childhood memories, and how much fun you had at Christmas. Try to create new ways that you can make the Christmas holiday season memorable to your family. Personalize your holiday and make memories for years to come.

How to "Green" your Holiday By classicalgeek

These days, it's important to think green as you decorate your house. With some tough financial times ahead, you can also save money and time while making your Christmas a little greener and brighter!

Cook a turkey in only two hours

Oh, no! It's Thanksgiving or Christmas morning, and you slept through your alarm clock, and the guests are coming in just a couple of hours. Don't let them go hungry--here's how to roast a defrosted turkey in only two hours!

You can't stuff a turkey and cook it this way, but you can cook the stuffing separately at the same time, and stuff the turkey afterwards. Your guests needn't know!
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How to Make Homemade Chocolate Cookie Mix in a Jar for a Christmas Gift By ReuseItAll

What a great gift idea! All of the dry ingredients of a chocolate chip cookie, layered beautifully in a glass jar! Tied with a ribbon and a gift tag with baking instructions to top it off. Here's how to make this great gift for the holidays!

How to decorate a Christmas Tree By ReuseItAll

Christmas time is coming and one of my most favorite traditions is decorating our tree. Each year whether you go buy a live tree or have an artificial tree, putting a beautiful green tree up in your home and opening up boxes of ornaments to hang on it is very exciting! These are some tips on how to decorate your tree.

How to make Ovoce na Spiritujse (traditional Polish Christmas Eve Dessert)

This dish is part of the traditional Polish Wigilia, a 13-course meal served on Christmas Eve. The twelve kinds of fruit stand for the 12 apostles, while the cognac represent Christ, who brings life to men.

How to Make Wine Jam or Jelly for elegant gifts

You can do this too. Label for Gifts. How can I write an article on making ...

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How to Find Gifts That Support Fair Trade By ReuseItAll

In Fair Trade practices, developed countries such as the U.S., support workers in countries that are still developing by participating in a movement to buy goods from them and agreeing to pay a fair wage in return. Workers are ensured fair treatment, good working conditions and support. As a result, these hard working men and women are better able to sustain themselves financially and have a place in the world market. They take pride in and run successful businesses and produce beautiful products to sell around the world such as coffee and coffee beans. During the holidays and all throughout the year, consider buying gifts from companies that support Fair Trade. This article will teach you how to find gifts that support fair trade and help you become familiar with what is available to purchase.

How to make REAL traditional wassail (don't wimp out with wine or cider)

Wassail is a traditional English drink made with beer. It's wonderful and warming but be careful--the warm alcohol can knock you flat!

How to Bake Cookies for The Holidays and Give Them as Gifts By ReuseItAll

I love making all kinds of cookies to give out as gifts on the holidays. I have my favorites that I make for every holiday season and then some that I try for the first time that year. I make up cookie plates for loved ones, wrap them in plastic, decorate with ribbons and a gift tag and I'm ready to go! It can be a lot of work but it is heartfelt. Everyone knows that they can look forward to fresh baked cookies each holiday from our family too which is a great feeling. It takes time to plan out all of the cookie making. It is a lot of work but being organized will ensure that your cookie baking goes smoothly and you enjoy it at the same time. Follow these steps on how to bake cookies for the holidays and give them as gifts.

How to have an affordable Christmas and holiday season By ReuseItAll

With the holidays fast approaching, everyone is feeling the stress and anxiety of being able to afford Christmas. With the economy hurting the way it is, everyone is also worried about their monthly bills. How can you afford Christmas and the holiday season on top of that? Here are some steps to help you afford the holidays.

How to hold a Yankee Christmas Swap in the classroom By ReuseItAll

A Yankee Christmas Swap is a fun way to exchange gifts! Its a gift exchanging game that many families and circles of friends play around the holidays. I altered the game a bit and hosted them in our children's classrooms as a fun game during holiday parties. Here is how you can hold your own Yankee Christmas Swap in a classroom.

How to Apply Rub Ons To An Ornament By 4dogday

Rub ons come in many different sizes and shapes. There are rub ons for every occasion and holiday. You can add them to clear glass ornaments or plain colored ornaments for a special touch with very little expense. They also make great gifts for everyone on your list.

How to Make a Bottle Cap Christmas Tree By 4dogday

There are very few recycling centers that will accept plastic bottle caps so after you recycle the bottle, you are stuck with the bottle cap. This bottle cap Christmas tree helps to recycle those caps into something decorative.

How to Make a Christmas Tree from Scrapbook Paper By 4dogday

If your space is limited, this cute paper Christmas tree may fit the bill. It will look pretty on your fireplace mantel or gracing your dining room table without taking up much space at all. This craft is a little time consuming but it’s fairly easy to do.

How to Make Coffee Table Coasters By 4dogday

These tile coasters will protect your coffee table and look great at the same time. They also make an inexpensive gift to give to family and friends.

How to Make a Paper Bow From Scrapbook Paper By 4dogday

There are lots of ways you can use scrapbook paper. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box to come up with ideas. Making a bow with scrapbook paper gives your gift a unique look that is sure to be the talk of the party.

Double sided scrapbooking paper works best for making a paper bow because you do see the back side of the paper and it is also thicker so it holds up better.

How to Adopt a Senior for the Holidays: Gifts for Christmas

We always hear about helping low income or underprivileged at Christmas time. I thought helping our seniors at Christmas was a real good idea, and give back to them for a change. Seniors that are low income or home bound many of these individuals do not have much contact with their families. Sometimes they even spend the holidays alone, without their families nearby to enjoy Christmas with them. or even a visit from them. A special gift I’m sure will put a smile on their face. Many health care providers are their main source of support during the holidays. Owens Healthcare is sponsoring this program in California, but I am sure there are others.

Jim Carrey in 'A Christmas Carol' - Full Length Trailer just released

Jim Carrey in 'A Christmas Carol' - Full Length Trailer just released

Jim Carrey in 'A Christmas Carol' - Full Length Trailer just released. Tucson Celebrity Examiner Darla Hanger

How to Start a new Christmas Tradition - 5 ideas

Christmas tree snow. 5 holiday traditions (lights, minute service, ...

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Night Castle

Tucson Celebrity Examiner Darla Hanger ... They do Christmas music that is out of this world. ... #1 Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Night Castle

How to Ideas for Christmas Wreath Decorating By pepper0617

Trouble figuring out what kind of holiday wreath you want this year? You need to consider if you want either a fresh Christmas wreath or a store bought holiday wreath. If you do crafting you can easily make a holiday wreath. Make sure you start to stock up on the materials you will need to create a beautiful wreath for your home. You can use the Christmas tree clippings from your holiday tree to put together a beautiful wreath. You can also buy a fresh evergreen wreath at the store, and still be decorating your Christmas wreath with holiday bows, Christmas ornaments, and holiday ribbons.

How to Create Mood with Christmas Scents By pepper0617

The smell and aroma, it stays with you and leaves a powerful remembrance in your mind this holiday season. It’s easy to find simple homemade recipes to make this holiday season. Dressing up your home with Christmas decorations for the holidays can’t be any more fun, than making Christmas crafts easily, and inexpensive.

Use the colors of the season to show off your fall favorite fall designs. Bring your artistic creativity indoors with designs and colors that all ages will enjoy. Recreate fall with a showcase you can display with a fall harvest of colors indoors.

How to Ideas for Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make By pepper0617

During the holidays Christmas crafts can keep the kids busy, while teaching values like getting along, and share while their having fun. During the holiday season all family members might want to join the fun of making Christmas crafts or homemade fun Christmas gifts no matter how young they are.

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How to live like it's Christmas By llparker

Do you love the way that Christmas makes you feel? It doesn't have to be the holidays to carry the spirit of Christmas with you all the time.

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Give gifts that really matter By llparker

Do you love the way that Christmas makes you feel? It doesn't have to be the holidays to carry the spirit of Christmas with you all the time.

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Enjoy an eggnog latte like Starbucks in your own home By llparker

Every year the delicious taste of eggnog lattes are a great addition to a day of shopping. You can actually enjoy the same great taste of an eggnog latte in your own home this Christmas!

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How to interior decorate for Christmas By llparker

On a budget this year? Here are some easy tips to help you save on decorating and yet have a classic and beautiful Christmas!

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How to Make Gluck By razzberry-jam

Gluck is what my dad calls the traditional casserole my family makes after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It's delicious!

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How to Smoke Your Holiday Turkey By razzberry-jam

I always smoke my turkey for the holidays. That frees up my oven for all the rest of my holiday cooking.

It's really not that hard, but you have to start about two to three days ahead.

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How to Make A Family Gift Calendar In Publisher By razzberry-jam

This is a favorite Christmas gift for my whole family -- and so easy and inexpensive for me!

Even if you're not the office geek (yup, that's me!), if you have Microsoft Publisher you can make a great little calendar for your family!

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How to Find Christmas Gifts For $5 Or Less By razzberry-jam

Money is tight right now, and with the holidays coming up quickly, budget is a huge issue for many families.

It is possible to be very frugal and still get nice gifts for your family and friends!

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How to Decorate your Home for a Winter White Christmas By Susan Golis

When it comes to Christmas decorations for our home, many of us choose the traditional red and green, while others opt for an elegant white, silver and gold color scheme. The winter white decorations are not only beautiful but they will serve you throughout the holiday season. If you have been dreaming of a white Christmas, dream no more. Here's how you can decorate your home for a winter white Christmas.

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How to Plan an eHow Members Christmas Party By Susan Golis

Most of you may think this is a joke, but I kid you not, a party at a social network can be done. Granted the planning is slightly different. However, if you are creative, and a member of, then the sky is the limit. Here are my tips on how to plan eHow members Christmas Party.

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How to Unwrap Gifts Without All The Mess |

Christmas, birthdays, or any holiday with wrapped gifts can be a lot of fun but also messy. Christmas is the worse of the holiday for the mess because everyone is getting gifts. With a little bit of planning you can make the gift unwrapping go smoothly with less mess to clean up at the end. This will also make recycling all the extra trash much easier as well.

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How to Make a Holly Leaf Christmas Ornament By Peggy Hazelwood

Make holly leaf Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree. Gather the kids to help make these easy ornaments shaped like a holly leaf that go together quickly and easily.

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