Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to have the best Christmas Party

There is usually at least one or two Christmas parties that everyone looks forward to. The parties are filled with people we can't wait to see and/or over the top with all the decorations and Christmas goodies. You could be the one with the best party this year with a little bit of planning. Planning your Christmas party now gives you plenty of time for organization, shopping, and showing off your creative skills by making things.

Shopping for Christmas items in the Spring and Summer may seem odd, but it is the best way to save money. Right now any left over Christmas item as large merchants are being sold at a huge discounted price. Even stores that sell Christmas all year round will clearance products to make room for the next year's product. Many second hand or thrift stores have plenty of Christmas item that people didn't have room to store.

Shopping early in the year can cause one problem. Remember what you bought and where it is. Organization is the key to keep track of your Christmas items and needs. I suggest a Christmas note book or binder to record what you bought and where it is stored. The note book or binder will help to keep track of everything and help to not over spend.

Starting Christmas project this early in the year is a great way to pick up extra cash as well. Christmas reefs can be fun to make and are often made from items that can be found year round. Show off your talents at the Christmas party. Have extra Christmas reefs made up to sell as well to sell or even post online to sell.

Those over the tops Christmas displays we see don't happen over night. They are right now planning, preparing, and gathering what they need for next year. Those pop up, blow up decorations that can be found for around $100 at Christmas time can be found for around $40 right now.

The keys for an amazing Christmas party or display is starting early, being organized, and being creative.