Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas, Love or Commercialism

Well black Friday done and over with, we hear lots of horror stories of people getting hurt and acting crazy. With the crazy bills racking up and the stories of the people requesting more expensive gifts. Is Christmas about love or commercialism?

In my opinion Christmas in only commercialism if the families allow to be. Christmas gifts are nice, but it is not the main focus of Christmas. Christmas is about being nice, be kind to everyone you meet, being with friends and family, and remembrance of God and Jesus. Regardless of the a person's religious belief, Christmas is about good.

TV Commercials for black Friday left me in shock. One showed a person reaching into another person's cart for gift. When people see this they think it happens all the time. For some, it may validate that this behavior is acceptable, when it is not.

The cost of Christmas should fit in your budget and be determined by you. If someone wish list doesn't fit in your budget, then pick something else that does. If you just don't have the funds for gifts, then give Christmas by giving time and/or helping. Being with family on Christmas (no matter if it Christmas day or a Christmas party) is the best gift of all.

Many people are loosing the focus on Christmas and missing that Christmas spirit. Christmas spirit is found in love, kindness, and giving. Giving doesn't have to be money.

Don't let commercialism ruin Christmas. Stay within your budget, show love and kindness, and enjoy Christmas.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

Cookie Exchange Parties are a wonderful way to get a nice varity of cookies for Christmas. Basically the cookie exchange party works great when you bake five dozen cookies. Then you keep one dozen and get with four friends and swap cookies. You get their yummy cookies and they get yours.

This is also a good time to pull out any craft holiday item you may make and make some extra cash. Some people take kitchen towel and pot holder, sew them together with a button so the towel can be easily hung on the over door and not fall off. Its a win / win situation. An exchange of cookies and a chance to sell your Christmas crafts.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Food / Food Safety

Thanksgiving is now behind us and we all ready getting ready for Christmas. Some lucky people, Me including this year, already have their Christmas shopping done. Others will be searching and rushing to find the perfect gifts. Although the Thanksgiving feast is behind us, the Christmas feast is yet to come.

The is one thing that is often forgotten as the family brings their favorite food together, food allergies. My mother has a problem eating onion, which can be a real problem. Often she will eat something without seeing the onion and ends us with stomach problem later. Family get together can quickly turning in to an awfully night with tummy troubles or worse yet an allergic reaction.

Family members should speak up if they have allergic reaction. Then the food that contains anything someone is allergic needs to be labeled so they know to stay away from that dish. As a host, it would also be a good idea to check with people and see if they have any food allergies. Benadryl should also be kept on hand in case of a reaction. The person my still need medical help, but the Benadryl will help.

My son is allergic to shellfish. While eating at a buffet, he started turning red and said he didn't feel good. He was eating pizza. I quickly got him Benadryl and a few minutes later he was all better. The pizza had shrimp in it. As time goes his allergic reaction seems to get worse with each oops of shellfish.

While enjoying the Christmas season, I hope everyone will have a wonderful and safe Christmas.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Search for the right Christmas Tree

This year I'm on a very special search for the right Christmas tree. About five years ago I found the perfect tree for me. The tree was seven and half foot tall and sixty eight inches around. I love that tree, but sadly the tree has seen better days. One of my children fell into the tree, and yanked on the tree. Normal part of growing up I suppose, but now my tree isn't safe so I'm searching for another one.

I love that tree so much I want another one. It was full and big, although it barely fit in my living room. I've been having a hard time finding the right Christmas tree, but I'm planning on sharing my journey in case someone else is also looking for a great tree.

I search through two Christmas stores in Pigeon Forge, TN. Although they have nice Christmas tree none of them fit exactly what I'm looking for. Many of the trees where skinny. I don't want a skinny Christmas tree. I need a full and fat Christmas tree. A real tree would be a good solution, but my husband and son have allegies which prevent us from going down that route. Plus we have two cats which we fear the water for the Chirstmas tree may not be the best for them.

I'm at the start of my search. If anyone has any suggestions for me to check out, please leave a comment and I will check out what is there.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

How My Family Spent Our Christmas Day of 2009

Everyone spends Christmas a little differently depending on where they live in the world and their family beleifs. It if fun to see how everyone has different traditions for Christmas.

As for me, I wrote about our Christmas in 2009 and exactly how we spent that Christmas day. Our focus was the children. Knowing one day the kids will be grown, every Christmas revolves around spending time with them.

Yes, we also make sure they know the meaning of Christmas as well. We own many Veggie Tales cartoons which make understand for the children easier. Plus fun entertainmet for the whole family.
More about Veggie Tales later or check out their web site to learn more.

How does your family spend Christmas? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts. Don't forget to till us about Family Traditions as wel.

Read more about how we spent Christmas Here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Bradford Celestial Light Tree Topper Made in 1970s

I love this tree topper more than anyother tree topper I have seen. I spent countless hours under my mother's tree just laying and wathing the color go around her wall.

The reproductions do not do just to the orginal. I have bought some reproduction only to be left sad that it did not work the same way. Really the design looks basic. More or less a disco type ball in the middle places colors of light on the celing and walls. The color spin around and around.

An orginals Bradford Celestial light tree topper cost around $500 and up. I very happy to share that I am inheritig my Grandparents Bradfor Celestial light tree topper that still has the box. With the orginal box this tree topper is worth $800 to $1000. With all the love I have for this tree topper, it'll always be on my christmas tree.
I hope to share this wonderful ornament with the world and to ask the Bradford company to please remake this remarkable tree topper. I will be recording the tree topper this year, to share with everyone.

Read More about the Bradford Celestial Light Tree Topper

Christmas Sewing Ideas By Kittycooks

Here are two great sewing ideas for Christmas. Don't worry with these easy to follow instructions you'll have no problems making these Christmas items.

How to make an Advent calendar
Advent calendars are a fun way for children to count the days till Christmas. You can personalize your own with easy sew fleece fabric in a couple of hours. Think of the wonderful family tradition you create as your family enjoys the calendar year after year. The featured advent calendar has craft stick puppets to mark the day; you can also fill the pockets with small treats or miniature ornaments. Happy Holidays!

A Christmas reindeer craft shirt transforms your child's foot and hand print into wearable art. Enjoy this

holiday craft as a family or group project; once the paint is out it is easy to make more than one. A Christmas reindeer craft shirt will make everyone smile and makes a nice keepsake gift for doting relatives.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shopping for Christmas Year Round

Anytime is a great time to shop for Christmas. One of best reasons for shopping for Christmas year round is the chance to save money on gift and decorations. My husband and I enjoy shopping year round for Christmas. It gives us time to be creative, make decorations, and spread the cost of Christmas throughout the year so we don't have to go into debt just to have a happy Christmas.

Buying Christmas year round can also make it easy to overspend. Keeping a strict budget on what to spend per person is the best way to avoid overspending in gifts. A list of what you bought the person and where the gifts are stored may also be useful. Nothing worse than wondering where you stored those gifts just before Christmas.

Check out more Reasons to shop year round for Christmas here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to have the best Christmas Party

There is usually at least one or two Christmas parties that everyone looks forward to. The parties are filled with people we can't wait to see and/or over the top with all the decorations and Christmas goodies. You could be the one with the best party this year with a little bit of planning. Planning your Christmas party now gives you plenty of time for organization, shopping, and showing off your creative skills by making things.

Shopping for Christmas items in the Spring and Summer may seem odd, but it is the best way to save money. Right now any left over Christmas item as large merchants are being sold at a huge discounted price. Even stores that sell Christmas all year round will clearance products to make room for the next year's product. Many second hand or thrift stores have plenty of Christmas item that people didn't have room to store.

Shopping early in the year can cause one problem. Remember what you bought and where it is. Organization is the key to keep track of your Christmas items and needs. I suggest a Christmas note book or binder to record what you bought and where it is stored. The note book or binder will help to keep track of everything and help to not over spend.

Starting Christmas project this early in the year is a great way to pick up extra cash as well. Christmas reefs can be fun to make and are often made from items that can be found year round. Show off your talents at the Christmas party. Have extra Christmas reefs made up to sell as well to sell or even post online to sell.

Those over the tops Christmas displays we see don't happen over night. They are right now planning, preparing, and gathering what they need for next year. Those pop up, blow up decorations that can be found for around $100 at Christmas time can be found for around $40 right now.

The keys for an amazing Christmas party or display is starting early, being organized, and being creative.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade gifts may be the perfect way to cut back cost of 2011 and give yourself a hobby for 2011 as well. If you have a talent making item or willing to learn a new hobby, making homemade present is the perfect gift to give away at Christmas.

Making things that are unique and/or not found in the stores will be very appreciated by the receiver.  Knitted blankets are wonderful and many people love to place them on their couches or end of their beds for cold night. A finished blanket can be very expensive because of the time it takes to make the blanket. However making a knitted blanket yourself would only cost you a small fraction of the price. All the time you spend on making the gift is full of love that will be felt by the receiver of the gift. Many people even pass down knitted blanket that Grandma made because of the love that is connected with the blanket.

With the cold winter days upon us, now is a great time to get started on projects. There are many project groups online from sites like Yahoo and Google. Just look up what project your interested in. Not only will you meet some nice people, but they will be happy to help you with your project as well.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Start Planning for Christmas 2011

Simplify Your Holidays: A Christmas Planner to Use Year after YearYes, it is only January. Now is the perfect time to start making your Christmas plan for December. Things to consider are your budget. Did you over spend this year? If so, find way to cut back.

One way to cut back is to start early so you have time to find sale.

Another way is to buy something special on your list instead of thinking about spending a certain dollar amount. Not every needs $100 gift... someone may be just as happy with a $20 gift.

Think about making someone something. Are you handy with your hands or are your learning something new this year? Knitting a nice blanket is a great gift for Christmas. Making the gift yourself may save you money as well. There is also a lot of time going into making a gift, so the reviver on the gift will feel even more special that you took all that time to make a gift for them.

Take a look over the expenses of last Christmas. Are there things you can cut back on and still have the same wonderful Christmas?

There is a little over 11 month for the next Christmas. Instead of being in a rush and fighting the busy streets and crowds trying to figure out at the last minute what to buy people on your Christmas list; relax and take your time this year by planning ahead.