Sunday, October 20, 2013

Christmas is coming

Christmas 2009
Many people are already shopping and planning for Christmas 2014. Making the budget stretch as far as it can to help surprise those special people in your life with something they really want can be very hard. All of that work is 100% worth it when those eye look up at you filled with love and joy.

Some of things people love the most about Christmas are not always the gifts. I love the trees, the lights, Christmas traditions and spending time with family. Years ago my husband and I decided to make Christmas day all around the children. For food we had anything that could be premade and warmed up like Cheese and Bean dip and chips. The kids love that we don’t spend too much time in the kitchen instead.

For some people Christmas is just another day. For me, that is the saddest thing to see. Christmas has such a special meaning. It a day celebrated by Christian for the birth of Christ. For some it’s a day to give and get gifts with family and friends. Such a loving time of the year to help chases away the winter blues with happiness, cheer, and giving.

What about the people who are alone on Christmas? Those are the people we all need to reach out to. If you know someone who is all alone try to do something nice for them for Christmas. That would be just want they need to help cheer them up. That can be a yearly tradition for the family to do something nice for some of the neighbors that are alone.