Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rice Crispy Treats.

What a delightful christmas treat. We are making some Rice Crispy treats tonight as well. Hopefully it'll be a fun family event. I think decorating the crispy treat like above would be a wonderful way to entertain children, of all ages, while they wait on family or dinner. I know we used to wait for dinner at my Grandma's house before opening the presents from her. This would be something fun to do.

The recipe for the above picture can be seen at

Friday, December 14, 2012

Decorate branches for a Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas trees are more then just a Christmas tree. A live tree can give a home that wonderful pine smell during the holidays. Pine cones can be painted, glitterized, and totally customized to hang on the tree or for decorations around the house.

You can save money on Christmas centerpieces by making your own with the branches from a pine tree. With the decorated branches you can bring that perfect elegant touch into your home with a fraction of what store centerpieces would cost. Plus they are fun to decorate as well. One of the biggest reasons to decorate your own center piece is so you get just the right look that you love. If you are crafty the centerpieces can also be sold for a profit as well. Many people use the profit for extra holiday cash or to help out families in need.

Find out more here on how to make a Christmas Centerpiece.

Eggless Sugar Cookies

BY vhansen
Today we are having a Christmas party at my work. One of my co-workers is allergic to eggs. so I have found an eggless and rollable cookie recipe.

I found the recipe at

Now this recipe was great but I added a cup more flour as my mixture was too sticky for me. I tasted it uncooked before I rolled it out and it was good.

I have baked a bunch of the eggless sugar cookies with sprinkled sugar on top. So now I'll take them into work today and put them to the real taste testing using my co-workers.

Although my family has no issues with eggs, I think this recipe was super easy. It didn't need the hour refrigeration I'm used to. So this is one recipe I'm adding to my collection to use more often.

 Update: after many tasters, my co-workers, we have all agreed. The cookies either neeed frosting or a little more sugar and vanilla.. just to kick out some of that flour taste. However the cookies where very easy to make and still tasted good.

This is a good recipe that is simple and would be good for kids to use.

Monday, December 10, 2012

How to have a Merry Christmas without Gifts

Christmas presents under a Christmas tree is a part of Christmas. However there are times where no presents under the tree can lead a person to depression. Often single adults or parents with grown kids can find it hard to be Merry without the gifts.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a totally Merry Christmas without spending a dime on anyone.

First you need to find out what Christmas really is. It is not those gift tucked neatly under a tree, it is not giving until your in debt and crying in January when the credit card bills come in, and it not doing what people expect out of you. The Christmas magic lies in what brings happiness. Yes, this can be easily found on a child’s face when they open a new gift, but it can also be found in general kindness and love all around us.

I can hear a few readers talking about to me about right now. They are saying they don’t have anyone to be kind to. This isn’t true either. You have yourself to be kind to and Christmas time is a good reason to get out a make some friends. For starters Volunteer work. So many places could use the extra help. Churches, hospitals, local animal shelter, and schools can be some wonderful place to volunteer. With nothing asked of you but some time, volunteering can bring joy and happiness to you and others.

No time, that’s OK too. Little things such as helping someone at a store, opening a door, just smiling and saying “HI” will not only let a little Christmas magic out but bring happiness to daily life.

The last time I bought a tree by myself, which is still my favorite tree. I ended up buying a tree that just wouldn’t fit in my car. I tried to find a way for it to fit. A guy pulled and tried to help. Then he looked at me and asked where I lived. He and his family totally took time to drive my tree to my house for me. It was amazing. His family didn’t ask me for anything and said it is Christmas time and they where just glad to help out.

Christmas day can still be merry. Part of the Merry Christmas is the joy we get from spending time with our family and friends. The Christmas depression just doesn’t need to be. We don’t need fancy item under the tree. We don’t need to fill sad because we didn’t fulfill a long list of “I Wants”. Instead lets just brake from the everyday life and do something different or something we highly enjoy.

Note: Picture was done by pixaio

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweet Christmas Memories

I was just chatting the other day about a Christmas long ago. How I wished I had a camera or video of what I saw.

My children where about four and seven years old. We lived as resident managers of a sixty unit apartment complex. We had a two bedroom apartment that was set up a little odd. One side of the apartment was the master bed, bath, and an odd cupboard spot. Next to that was the kitchen and living room. From the living room was the room to the children bedroom. Through their bedroom was a bathroom, the door to the apartment office, and the utility room.

Now we didn't want the kids to see Santa items before we did. After they went to sleep we snuck in their room and left them a gag gift on their dresser of a lump of coal. It was real coal we had gotten from a friend. Outside their door we had place a chair that would make noise when they got up so we would know too.

At 10:00 am we woke on Christmas morning and started to wonder what happen to the kids and why hadn't they woke us up. Out to the living room, full of items from Santa, sat undisturbed. Maybe the kids where just really tired. We snuck into their room where we saw two very very sad faces. Oddly quiet playing with old toys together.

We entered their room and said Marry Christmas, but got a half heart good morning. I told them Santa had come and with tear in their eyes they looked at us. "We know. We were bad and got coal."

My husband and I started to laugh, which made our kids even madder as they yelled it wasn't funny. We had to almost drag them to the living room where they discovered they did get gifts after all.

Note: Picture is by Ale_Paiva

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas trees

I just love Christmas time. Part is from all the pretty decorations like this tree. So many neat colors. This photo come from the Holiday page on Facebook. You should totally check out this page. Lots of neat Christmas pictures.
We have gotten our trees done, before Thansgiving, but I've been busy and sick so I haven't shared them here yet.

However you can now see the trees. My Fourteen year old took the video from his camera so please forgive a little bit of jiggles. LOL

Two of which can be seen at this link:!/media/set/?set=vb.1740467402&type=2

The third one I'm yet to get a picture of.. Bare with me as every cold that keeps going around keeps finding me this year.

 Blogging can keep a person very busy and these colds are not helping me at all.