Monday, December 10, 2012

How to have a Merry Christmas without Gifts

Christmas presents under a Christmas tree is a part of Christmas. However there are times where no presents under the tree can lead a person to depression. Often single adults or parents with grown kids can find it hard to be Merry without the gifts.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a totally Merry Christmas without spending a dime on anyone.

First you need to find out what Christmas really is. It is not those gift tucked neatly under a tree, it is not giving until your in debt and crying in January when the credit card bills come in, and it not doing what people expect out of you. The Christmas magic lies in what brings happiness. Yes, this can be easily found on a child’s face when they open a new gift, but it can also be found in general kindness and love all around us.

I can hear a few readers talking about to me about right now. They are saying they don’t have anyone to be kind to. This isn’t true either. You have yourself to be kind to and Christmas time is a good reason to get out a make some friends. For starters Volunteer work. So many places could use the extra help. Churches, hospitals, local animal shelter, and schools can be some wonderful place to volunteer. With nothing asked of you but some time, volunteering can bring joy and happiness to you and others.

No time, that’s OK too. Little things such as helping someone at a store, opening a door, just smiling and saying “HI” will not only let a little Christmas magic out but bring happiness to daily life.

The last time I bought a tree by myself, which is still my favorite tree. I ended up buying a tree that just wouldn’t fit in my car. I tried to find a way for it to fit. A guy pulled and tried to help. Then he looked at me and asked where I lived. He and his family totally took time to drive my tree to my house for me. It was amazing. His family didn’t ask me for anything and said it is Christmas time and they where just glad to help out.

Christmas day can still be merry. Part of the Merry Christmas is the joy we get from spending time with our family and friends. The Christmas depression just doesn’t need to be. We don’t need fancy item under the tree. We don’t need to fill sad because we didn’t fulfill a long list of “I Wants”. Instead lets just brake from the everyday life and do something different or something we highly enjoy.

Note: Picture was done by pixaio