Friday, December 14, 2012

Eggless Sugar Cookies

BY vhansen
Today we are having a Christmas party at my work. One of my co-workers is allergic to eggs. so I have found an eggless and rollable cookie recipe.

I found the recipe at

Now this recipe was great but I added a cup more flour as my mixture was too sticky for me. I tasted it uncooked before I rolled it out and it was good.

I have baked a bunch of the eggless sugar cookies with sprinkled sugar on top. So now I'll take them into work today and put them to the real taste testing using my co-workers.

Although my family has no issues with eggs, I think this recipe was super easy. It didn't need the hour refrigeration I'm used to. So this is one recipe I'm adding to my collection to use more often.

 Update: after many tasters, my co-workers, we have all agreed. The cookies either neeed frosting or a little more sugar and vanilla.. just to kick out some of that flour taste. However the cookies where very easy to make and still tasted good.

This is a good recipe that is simple and would be good for kids to use.