Saturday, March 23, 2013

Christmas Crafts in the Spring

There are certain things in my life that I tend to hold onto as long as possible. Gifts that are handmade can not only fetch you extra cash for Christmas but they can also mean a lot to the person you are giving them to. One of my favorite things are quilted blankets and knitted or crochet blankets. The quilted blankets are the warmest blankets I have ever had on my bed. The knitted or crochet blankets have many uses from throw for the back of the couch for that little extra color or something to snuggle with when we don't feel good. Now these gift mean a lot to me because I know it took many many hours to make and they are unique and very useful.

Handmade crafts are also a good way to make extra Christmas cash. Its is hard to find handmade items like the blankets without spending a lot of money. Spring is the perfect time to start on those projects. It a good break from all the cleaning and yard work that needs done. Making items like a quilted blanket is a good way to reuse items from our spring cleaning as well.

Picture by nzmu