Saturday, June 25, 2011

How My Family Spent Our Christmas Day of 2009

Everyone spends Christmas a little differently depending on where they live in the world and their family beleifs. It if fun to see how everyone has different traditions for Christmas.

As for me, I wrote about our Christmas in 2009 and exactly how we spent that Christmas day. Our focus was the children. Knowing one day the kids will be grown, every Christmas revolves around spending time with them.

Yes, we also make sure they know the meaning of Christmas as well. We own many Veggie Tales cartoons which make understand for the children easier. Plus fun entertainmet for the whole family.
More about Veggie Tales later or check out their web site to learn more.

How does your family spend Christmas? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts. Don't forget to till us about Family Traditions as wel.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Bradford Celestial Light Tree Topper Made in 1970s

I love this tree topper more than anyother tree topper I have seen. I spent countless hours under my mother's tree just laying and wathing the color go around her wall.

The reproductions do not do just to the orginal. I have bought some reproduction only to be left sad that it did not work the same way. Really the design looks basic. More or less a disco type ball in the middle places colors of light on the celing and walls. The color spin around and around.

An orginals Bradford Celestial light tree topper cost around $500 and up. I very happy to share that I am inheritig my Grandparents Bradfor Celestial light tree topper that still has the box. With the orginal box this tree topper is worth $800 to $1000. With all the love I have for this tree topper, it'll always be on my christmas tree.
I hope to share this wonderful ornament with the world and to ask the Bradford company to please remake this remarkable tree topper. I will be recording the tree topper this year, to share with everyone.

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Christmas Sewing Ideas By Kittycooks

Here are two great sewing ideas for Christmas. Don't worry with these easy to follow instructions you'll have no problems making these Christmas items.

How to make an Advent calendar
Advent calendars are a fun way for children to count the days till Christmas. You can personalize your own with easy sew fleece fabric in a couple of hours. Think of the wonderful family tradition you create as your family enjoys the calendar year after year. The featured advent calendar has craft stick puppets to mark the day; you can also fill the pockets with small treats or miniature ornaments. Happy Holidays!

A Christmas reindeer craft shirt transforms your child's foot and hand print into wearable art. Enjoy this

holiday craft as a family or group project; once the paint is out it is easy to make more than one. A Christmas reindeer craft shirt will make everyone smile and makes a nice keepsake gift for doting relatives.