Monday, June 13, 2011

The Bradford Celestial Light Tree Topper Made in 1970s

I love this tree topper more than anyother tree topper I have seen. I spent countless hours under my mother's tree just laying and wathing the color go around her wall.

The reproductions do not do just to the orginal. I have bought some reproduction only to be left sad that it did not work the same way. Really the design looks basic. More or less a disco type ball in the middle places colors of light on the celing and walls. The color spin around and around.

An orginals Bradford Celestial light tree topper cost around $500 and up. I very happy to share that I am inheritig my Grandparents Bradfor Celestial light tree topper that still has the box. With the orginal box this tree topper is worth $800 to $1000. With all the love I have for this tree topper, it'll always be on my christmas tree.
I hope to share this wonderful ornament with the world and to ask the Bradford company to please remake this remarkable tree topper. I will be recording the tree topper this year, to share with everyone.

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