Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweet Christmas Memories

I was just chatting the other day about a Christmas long ago. How I wished I had a camera or video of what I saw.

My children where about four and seven years old. We lived as resident managers of a sixty unit apartment complex. We had a two bedroom apartment that was set up a little odd. One side of the apartment was the master bed, bath, and an odd cupboard spot. Next to that was the kitchen and living room. From the living room was the room to the children bedroom. Through their bedroom was a bathroom, the door to the apartment office, and the utility room.

Now we didn't want the kids to see Santa items before we did. After they went to sleep we snuck in their room and left them a gag gift on their dresser of a lump of coal. It was real coal we had gotten from a friend. Outside their door we had place a chair that would make noise when they got up so we would know too.

At 10:00 am we woke on Christmas morning and started to wonder what happen to the kids and why hadn't they woke us up. Out to the living room, full of items from Santa, sat undisturbed. Maybe the kids where just really tired. We snuck into their room where we saw two very very sad faces. Oddly quiet playing with old toys together.

We entered their room and said Marry Christmas, but got a half heart good morning. I told them Santa had come and with tear in their eyes they looked at us. "We know. We were bad and got coal."

My husband and I started to laugh, which made our kids even madder as they yelled it wasn't funny. We had to almost drag them to the living room where they discovered they did get gifts after all.

Note: Picture is by Ale_Paiva