Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Food / Food Safety

Thanksgiving is now behind us and we all ready getting ready for Christmas. Some lucky people, Me including this year, already have their Christmas shopping done. Others will be searching and rushing to find the perfect gifts. Although the Thanksgiving feast is behind us, the Christmas feast is yet to come.

The is one thing that is often forgotten as the family brings their favorite food together, food allergies. My mother has a problem eating onion, which can be a real problem. Often she will eat something without seeing the onion and ends us with stomach problem later. Family get together can quickly turning in to an awfully night with tummy troubles or worse yet an allergic reaction.

Family members should speak up if they have allergic reaction. Then the food that contains anything someone is allergic needs to be labeled so they know to stay away from that dish. As a host, it would also be a good idea to check with people and see if they have any food allergies. Benadryl should also be kept on hand in case of a reaction. The person my still need medical help, but the Benadryl will help.

My son is allergic to shellfish. While eating at a buffet, he started turning red and said he didn't feel good. He was eating pizza. I quickly got him Benadryl and a few minutes later he was all better. The pizza had shrimp in it. As time goes his allergic reaction seems to get worse with each oops of shellfish.

While enjoying the Christmas season, I hope everyone will have a wonderful and safe Christmas.