Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Bracelets

 This is one awsome bracelet. If you haven't seen what the guys at Backwoods bracelets can do you are missing out. They have some very wonderful designs. I just can't help but share because I think it is just that wonderful.
Shown here in the picture is a Christmas Bracelet.
Christmas carolers, helpers, and even Santa will enjoy these wonderful bracelets. One thing I find very interesting about the bracelets is they can be used to save your life! Check out this article with Seven ways to Save your Life. Now I have also heard the cord can hold up to 500 pounds as well.
So this is why I'm so amazed with this bracelets. They are fashionable, they guys can make many different paterns and colors, and very useful too. Although the article above list 7 ways to save your life with the cord I think we can come up with many more. Please feel free to share Ideas in the comment section below.
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