Saturday, November 17, 2012

Backwoods Bracelets

An interesting bracelet from Backwoods Bracelets is a wonderful and different gift for Christmas. These guys come up with some very wonderful designs. I love getting online and seeing the new items they create. Today I saw this picture:

This bracelet is my new favorite, but they have so many wonderful creation. Plus they said they are going to be having even more color combos. So not only can these help save your life, see previous post, but they are so stylish. They can be made to fit anyone's life style.
They don't stop at just bracelets either. They are very wonderful key chains lanyards. This is a great way to color code keys, make your key completely unique from most other keys, and a wonderful way to help make your key more findable.
Check out their web site. It full of interesting creations and it will be neat to see what they come up with next. Contact Edmond Hogge for any of these items.