Friday, November 2, 2012

2012 Spirit of Giving

Wonderful winter snow came early this year to Tennessee. Sadly I couldn’t get out and enjoy the snow, but I highly enjoyed all the picture of the snow. I am hoping we get even more snow this year. Sorry fellow Tennesseans but I still love the snow. The cold doesn’t like my bones, but it is still worth it.

Christmas this year is going to be very different for many families. Every year many children are used to waking up and seeing the abundance that Santa brought. Now Sandy has pulled on the heart strings of us all. I had to shut the TV news off and avoid going to yahoo’s main page right now. It is just too sad. This year is a good year to get the children involved in the spirit of giving.

After all the true meaning of Christmas is love, kindness, family, laughter, cheer, happiness, and the gift of giving. What is the gift of giving? It’s a wonderful feeling that a person gets when they help another person, no matter how little. A simple card can brighten up someone day. A prayer or sending good wishes for someone’s family can help them to heal and bring them joy. While many people are helping out and trying to help out the Red Cross with needed items; we’ll have to work even harder this year to be frugal.

For many, instead of the abundance under the tree, they are going to work on a few main things the kids want. Then, if possible, help out another family who has less. To find a family to help you can contact toys for tots, local churches, department of human service, or the Red Cross. The site can also help match you up with people/organizations who my need help.