Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Trees, When do we put them up?

Families have so many different traditions for putting up Christmas trees. This year I'm very pleased to have three trees we are putting up. We have three floor and I just love the tress. I know I can't afford to have them lit all the time but they will look wonderful none the less. We have already started and I see many of my neighbors have started to put up outside lights.

I know the philosophy of putting up Christmas lights early is to avoid putting the outside lights up in the freezing cold. Thankfully there is no set of rules for when to put up the Christmas tree, or I would be in trouble. However one thing to consider is how big are holiday between the time you want to set up the Christmas tree until Christmas. For example, if putting up a tree in October but the family is big Halloween fans, there may be issues and a huge clash of the holidays. So waiting until all the other big holidays at your home is a good idea.

Another thing to consider when putting up the Christmas tree is family space. Do you have the room to put the tree up and not inconvenience people? If the tree is going to be in the way, you may want to consider waiting. My husband keeps suggesting a picture of the Christmas tree on the wall. That does work if you have no space, but I prefer to find space. Don't forget about pets. They need to learn to leave Christmas decorations alone, but this time practice. If they are not Christmas broken you may want to consider waiting until closer to Christmas.

Don't forget the family. Now if I was to put the Christmas decor all by myself, my family would be very upset with me. They love to have an input and to help with the Christmas decoration. As a matter of fact I think the whole family would love to retire to a Christmas theme store. Maybe one day. The important key is to ask family members if they want to help before getting too carried away. It a time for happiness so we don't want to hurt anyone feels. Plus putting up the Christmas decor is a wonderful time for family bonding and my son to remind me how old I am when I put on the Christmas music I love.

Overall anytime is a good time to put up the Christmas tree. Remember how much space it takes up. Sooner the tree is up the more time people have to enjoy it. Plus more time to put up more Christmas decorations. Don't forget to share you Christmas pictures!