Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Mishaps


We got three tree up and started to put on our decorations. My husband is very excited over some new Christmas tree toppers we can't wait to share, we will soon. However he went to cut off a zip tie we put on wrong and when he got the zip tie to cut the scissors continued to his finger. So now he has a nice long cut on his knuckle and utterly refused to even talk about stitches. Now his finger would bleed again every time he moved it. So this mishap put a damper on the night until we went to the drug store.

Now I have heard about the liquid skin but never tired it. The liquid skin said it clean the wound and had a pain reliever in it as well. After some strong convincing on my side my husband gave it a try. Finally we got the wound covered and it stopped bleeding. It worked wonderfully.

I highly recommend having the liquid skin on hand to handle the minor cuts and braises. It is now part of my must have on hand, like band-aids are must in my house.

So as everyone gets started on putting up their Christmas displays, which I can't wait to see the pictures this year, please think safety. As we want everyone here for the new year as well.