Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Awsome Backwood Bracelets

I  just love what I see the guys at make. They have wonderful bracelets, chokers, and the key chains below. Now I don't have any affiliation with these guys but I seen a lot of wonderful creations and just had to share it.
"A photo of the Paracord Cross Keychains with the Breast Cancer Ribbon Pin I have made this week in a variety of colors these go for $10.99 with the Ribbon Charm without the Charm they are going for $8.99 let us know if we can help you out, Prices are subject to change! "
Now I think this black and white bracelet is my favorite so far. I just has that awsome classy look that I just so love.
I even asked my boys ages 11 and 14, they said they like some of these too. My oldest likes the blue and black while the youngest digs any reds one. So these are wonderful for both boys and girls.