Sunday, November 11, 2012

Skylanders, a popular 2012 Christmas Gift

Skylanders Review by Richard Smith

Skylander Giants is the sequel to Skylanders Spyro’s adventure. A gaming system that pairs works with your existing video game console. It is a system where as toys come to life. The system contains a portal where figures are placed that enters a game. The figure also saves your data to be used on a friends system. In this aspect all you need is a single figure to share the adventure anywhere. Giant’s sequel adds a whole new level of game play to Skylanders

Getting started is easy. If you have the first game Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, then all you need to buy is Skylanders Giants Portal Owners Pack. It will say this right on the box. It includes the new game, one giants figure, one secret code for web and mobile game, the figures trading card, and a sticker with collector poster. If you are new to Skylander you need to get Skylanders Giants Starter Pack. Again it will say this right on front of box. This set consist of the game, portal of power needed to play, 3 figures ,three secret codes, three cards, and three stickers with poster. This is only the new game if you want the first game Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure then you will have to either buy a portal pack of it or just the game and figures. Also remember to look to see what system for. Again this is on box. It will either say X Box 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, or WII. They all have different hook ups for portal of power and game language. So make sure you find this out before you buy it for child or grandchild.

With either set there are other figures you can buy to play in game and change game play. There are also adventure sets with items that change the game. These figures enter the game when put on the portal of power. There are figures that were made for the first game and new ones for Giants. They have reissued old figure in new poses for Giants and introduced light up characters besides having the Giants. The Light up figures actually illuminate when put on the portal of power. This is where packaging like the above kits is very important. Character packages will actually tell you which game it is compatible with. In the right bottom corner it is marked with an x if it is not compatible or check mark if it is. There are two columns one for Spyro’s Adventure and on for Giants. So look carefully.

All in all if your kids ask for this and you already have a compatible system it is a very affordable gift for your child. Highest price is a starter pack with portal at $80. Everything else is $60 and less. They will love you forever and it will provide hours of entertainment with each new character or adventure set. Remember to talk with child with television and today’s technology they know more than us. There is also a web site dedicated to the product that can tell you even more if you are internet inclined. Lastly there is always a sales clerk that can help you with your purchases. Have fun this Holiday season and start your adventure today.