Friday, December 3, 2010

Why people love shopping for Christmas

I love shopping for Christmas. I love spending time with my husband, hopefully a lunch or dinner too. We love to play with all the new Christmas displays. Taking time to stop together to watch what each new item can do. Listening to the Christmas music that plays on the radio and in the stores seems to make everyone in a happy mood.

Shopping is fun any time of the year. We are those type of people who like to go window shopping, thrift store shopping, and even garage sale shopping. Sometime we buy and sometime we don't, all depends on the deal and the money we have on hand at the time. Christmas shopping is so much better though. It is even fun to buy gifts for everyone. They don't have to be the most expensive or the best gift of their life, there plenty of little things that will make people just as happy.

One year my son got me a neat tool for open cans of soda pop. My rheumatoid arthritis had been bad for the last few months and soda pop was one thing I couldn't open. I would have to wait for someone to help me. He only spent a few dollars (1.99 I think) but it was one of the best gifts I got that year. I was able to open my own soda pop that to that gift. He was very thoughtful and thought about me, not the price tag.

So going shopping for odd old things if fun for us and we think they make great gifts. To find these things we do lots of shopping and search the entire store. Sometimes we run across stores that found items left from many Christmases ago. They will sell the stuff very cheap and often in a large messy pile. We love nothing more then to spend time going through the pile to see what we can find.

We are not the only shoppers who enjoy Christmas shopping. There are many more as well.

HeliumWhy shopping for Christmas presents can be fun