Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Feast with Christmas Finger Foods

Festive Finger Foods (Christmas at Home (Barbour))Many people make a large feast for Christmas. A couple of years ago we had a talk with the children. What they loved most about Christmas was playing with us and their new toys. One things they disliked was the time we had to spend in the kitchen and having to help clean up the kitchen. This started our first finger food Christmas.

Instead of making a large meal we made simple foods that we mostly made the day before. Our first finger food Christmas including crackers with meat and cheese, Nachos Chips with a bean dip, cookies, vegetables, and lots of Christmas candy. May have not been the healthiest but for just one day the kids ate nothing but finger foods and loved it.

Now I work to getting a little bit of nutrition into the Christmas finger foods fest, but we still keep it easy things to make and clean up.

Top Five Christmas Foods for Kids is a great list with foods that will fit perfectly into our Christmas finger food feast. Best of all most of them can all be made ahead of time.

One of things I love the most about just having Christmas fingers food is it takes the stress of me, the mom. I get to relax and have fun instead of worry about possibly burning food or something not turning out right. Christmas finger foods is the perfect solution to ease on the stress that can happen on Christmas day. Besides the kids don't really want to eat on Christmas Day; they want to play and eat that new candy Santa gave them.