Monday, December 13, 2010

Time to make Christmas Cookies

Betty Crocker's Cooky BookChristmas time is near and many of us are getting our baking done. Baking can be fun and if there are children in the home they will want to help bake as well. Here are some tips for making baking easier with children.

Allow butter to sit out at room temperature to soften. Using the microwave to soften the butter doesn't work out the same, the recipe will be much better with room temperature butter.

Clean as you go. If you use an item that you will need again, rinse it out and keep for any future use. Put in soap water or dishwasher as soon as you are completely done with item.

Allow the kids to do as much as they can. Let them add the ingredients, help stir, and even help put the cookies on the cookie sheet.

Make it clear that when the oven door is open the children stay away. There is a danger with the oven and the children thinking they are helping, but the oven is for adults only because of the possibility of being burned.

Kids want to decorate the cookies, but you're not big on frosting. Instead of using frosting try using colored sugar instead. Put the colored sugar on the cookies while they are still warm or put back in the oven to melt the careful not to burn the cookies. Pull the cookies out a few minutes early, put the color sugar on and then finish cooking.

Don't be perfect. If you have a cookie that you want made perfect. Make two batches. One the kids can help with and one that you do by yourself. This allows the kids to have fun and you to get the perfect cookie you wanted. However family members will enjoy seeing the children made cookies as well.

Making cookies should be fun. Relax and take your time. It could also be a great time to set up a camcorder and record the children helping with baking the cookies.