Saturday, December 18, 2010

Children gate around the Christmas tree

I have come across some article I read on Helium about Christmas safety with toddler. Click the widget at the bottom to read them as well for more safety tips. There were many great ideas, but there is one that stood out the most to me was putting up a sturdy child gate around the Christmas tree.

I like this idea of putting a child gate around the Christmas tress. It is a great way to really draw attention to the Christmas tree as well as keeping the Christmas tree, presents, and ornaments safe.

A nice clean sturdy white children gate around the Christmas will look great and it can look even better by decorating the gate as well. Ribbons, bows, lights, and/or garland are perfect for turning the children gate into a wonderful Christmas gate. Then when it is time to open the presets the gate can be open or removed. Simple place the gate back when the gifts are all passed out to keep the Christmas tree safe until it can be safely put away.

Turning a child’s gate into a Christmas gate is a great way to make a Christmas tree the main focal point of the room as well.

HeliumHow to child-proof a Christmas tree