Thursday, November 11, 2010

Decorating Time

If you haven't started yet, it time to start getting those outside lights up. Although you may wish to wait till after Thanksgiving to turn on your Christmas lights, now is the perfect time to start putting them up. You may even get some nice sunny days so it won't be too cold as well.

Putting up outside lights is both fun and a lot of work. Best tip is to check those light strand out before hanging them up. It is much easy to fix a problem or change a bulb before the strands of lights are put up. Sometimes even after checking there is a light or two that may need to be changed, but checking ahead of time will help to prevent this.

Almost anyplace is a good idea to hang light from EXCEPT:
  • Place where people will walk into or through the lights.
  • By a bedroom window for people who are sensitive sleepers to light.
  • In the way for a door opening. (DAD.. please don't hang them in the way of Mom's front Door)
  • In the way that would prevent a window or escape path from being open.
  • Where vehicles may get damage or damage the lights.

Wonderful Places for Outside Lights are:
  • Gutters
  • Trees
  • Ledges
  • Bushes

One of the biggest things we need to get everyone to remember this Holiday is Safety.We love you and want you here next Christmas as well.
  • Please, when using a ladder make sure it is secure and on level ground.
  • Ask a second person to help you.
  • Never stretch to reach to put light up. Instead move or get the ladder.
  • Red the lights package to find out how many are safe to plug together.
After you spend all that time and hard work putting up your lights, take pictures. Please share your links to your pictures in the comments so we can all see them as well. You may even want to make a video of your light display as well.

Overall have fun. Christmas is about happiness and joy.