Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas! Are you ready?

I can hear some reader saying, “Oh Yes, I can’t wait!” while others are saying “No way, not yet!” It can be very interesting to see both side of the Christmas joy and dismay. For both side of how Christmas is precede often includes the joy and celebration traditions the families have created. It a sad though, but Christmas just may be another day for some people. Those special memories, the magic of Christmas, and the amazement of staring at the Christmas lights all comes from how Christmas is spent.

Christmas can fill a person heart with joy and bring back memories of Christmas pass. Christmas can also be the crowded shopping stores, greedy people asking for everything, spending too much, and the hassle of possible bad weather. Those two sentences show the drastic difference people can feel when getting ready for Christmas. Everyone can have joy and happiness with Christmas, but it takes a little bit of work.

Stores can be an issue at Christmas time. I totally enjoy Christmas shopping though. Why? All the Christmas displays make me happy. Yes, my family one of those that will try everything in the aisle. My husband even enjoys Christmas shopping even though he not a fan of large crowds. It really is not the people he has an issue with. It happens to be the rude ones you might bump into. The ones we see articles in the newspaper for being demanding, pushing, and even fighting for a simple object. With a little love, kindness, patience, understanding, and caring for fellow man can solve all of the issues. Yes, I would be one of those parents who would give up an item my child really wanted just to not fight. Yet we have had many wonderful Christmases. Never have my children complain that they didn’t get something or about how much they got. They were thankful.

The magic of Christmas means a lot to me. My mother holds Christmas very dear and we both have very fond memories of Christmas. I have passed this on to my children. When they were very young we made Christmas day a day about the children and their new gifts. Instead of making a large meal that would make the parents send lots of time in the kitchen, we pre-made or made easy items. We did this so we could play with the children.

When the kids were old enough they started to help put up decorations. I love putting up the lights on the Christmas tree. One year I put up 21 strands on the tree. I wrapped each branch front to back. I blew the breaker and was ready to cry when my oldest son and husband came to the rescue. We safely got all the light to work. (Had to run some extra power cords to the Christmas tree.) Since that Christmas my son loves to help me put up the lights. He and my husband often talk about the Christmas I went overboard with lights on the tree. That Christmas tree sure was pretty. Now that Christmas is one of those memories that fill our hearts with love and joy every time we look at Christmas lights.

Christmas is all about the pass, present, and future. If Christmas has been like just another day, then it is time for a change. For those that don’t have a family there are churches, homeless shelters, and nursing homes that can all use some volunteers. What else could be better at Christmas then helping someone else? In return you find companions to help bring joy, love, and cheer into Christmas. After all those three things are all people need to have a Merry Christmas.