Sunday, November 10, 2013

Black Friday - Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping with the dreaded by many BLACK FRIDAY!! There may be ways to avoid the black Friday rush.

Many Black Friday ads can be viewed already at many online sites. One site, Black Friday 2014, is a one stop site to view the hot Black Friday deals. Ok so we got your attention with some of the hot ads. Now take a look to see if those prices are going to be offered online. Most of the Black Friday deals can be bought online. Often, to boost online sales, there is free or low shipping cost at this time of the year. So, depending on what you are shopping for, you may never have to leave home to get the Christmas shopping done. There are many Black Friday sales that are only available online as well.

I still love to get out to the stores and see the Christmas displays. I have to try all the new gadgets out and pick up some decoration ideas. I just make sure to enjoy the Christmas display and any other day than Black Friday. Instead of shopping on Black Friday we will be putting up our Christmas decorations. With a little bit of preplanning, we already have most of our shopping done.

Shopping early every year for Christmas is a wonderful way to reduce the stress of Christmas shopping. Budgets are predetermined and help to keep us on track. This method has helped us to pay cash and not run up the charge card bills. The budgets are based on income not wants. By preplanning we are also able to save up for some expensive gifts as well. It’s not too late. Check out those ADS for Black Friday and then check out the prices now. You may be able to find the same great deal now. With online shopping and search sites like Google Shopping, it is very easy to check prices.

Black Friday will be here soon. November 29th this year. While I hope everyone will have fun and save some money, there is always those shocking moments on the news. I have worked Black Friday as a retail store worker. It was back when the Furbies first came out. The store manager was almost trampled as she had tickets for the limited number of Furbies we had. The rest of the day was great because the hours flew by for me. So I have a great respect for workers on Black Friday. Although there was no Furbies after a few minutes on Black Friday we did get more shipments in for Christmas. I hope everyone will have a safe Black Friday and please remember what Christmas is all about. There is no need to fight over product.