Saturday, April 27, 2013

Listia - Good way to get and give items FREE

Listia is a wonderful site that you can give and get items for free. I know I was skeptical on the free words as well, but I have been using Listia for a few months now and I have gotten rid of things I don't need, like the bear charm, and got my kids items they wanted. Including a few things we needed around the house.

Listia allows users to post items up for auction, free of charge unlike places like ebay. What the catch, you don't get money you get points. Now many people off free shipping, which usually equals out to more points, but you can charge shipping as well. Points can also be earned by doing filling out surveys or even shopping online.

Points can be save up and used to bid on its. Like mentioned before there are many auctions with free shipping. So you can just earn points and bid on auctions with free shipping and get free items.

Spring Cleaning

Listia can be very helpful so we don't send useful items to the trash. If you see items that are good being thrown out while people spring clean, you can give them away on Listia, if you can't afford the shipping, not a big deal just charge for the shipping. Note: to charge for shipping hit the additional option button on the bottom left when listing an item.

Using listia throughout the year is a wonderful way to earn up points for Christmas and get some really neat Christmas items. There are also many craft items that can be turned into wonderful gifts or even better into a way for extra profits.

Really get Points too

When you first sign up they give you free credits and it is really easy to acutally earn points. On your "My Listia" page there is a spot to click for surveys. I love the one from Peanut Lab the most because I get some credit 90% of the time even if I get kicked out. Unlike many sites that have you feel out survey that take forever and then you get nothing back in the end. I have done a lot of survey but I have never spent more then 30 mins for a survey, plus I got credit for that survey.

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