Friday, December 11, 2009

How to Make Sugared Nuts from Black Walnuts or Pecans By Gail Martin

We have been using black walnut nutmeats as far back as I can remember. They
are a native tree in Kansas. I love the taste of them in fudge, cookies,
cakes, salads and pie. I can still remember Daddy making a small covered
wagon and Mother filling it with fudge to be auctioned off at one of the
Teterville community's parties back in the 1930s. This party had a
western theme and even included a melodrama. Such mixed emotions I had,
proud that Mother and Daddy could create such a nifty reproduction of
something from the old west, but oh so unhappy that I didn't get a chance to
eat some of that delicious fudge with black walnuts in it.
Here's how to make fancy spiced black walnuts or other nutmeats.

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