Sunday, September 27, 2009

Make more time for playing on Christmas

Do you seem to be overly busy on Christmas cooking food for the family while the kids are bagging to open all of their toys? This used to be our household until we found a great way to have good food with less time spent cooking. This gave us the time to help the kids open and play with their new toys. Plus it gives me more time to take picture of the kids with their new toys.

Every year it seems the average family wakes up early, open gifts, and then spends most of the day either cooking or going to someone else's home to help cook and eat. No matter where you are eating at someone spends a lot of time to make great Christmas meal.. Here is a way to have a Great Christmas meal and spend the day playing with the children and their new toys.

Spending time with the family and kids is way more important then dinner.

Step 1

Make your Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. Moving your family Christmas dinner to Christmas Eve will help to take all the cooking off of Christmas Day. If Christmas Eve is impossible because of your work schedule, you can always move the Christmas Eve to the next available night. Sometimes Santa’s has to make special runs for those of us who have to work through Christmas.

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Step 2

Make cleaning a snap for any eating on Christmas Day. Buy paper plate, plastic silverware, and paper towels or napkins. Buy soda can instead of drinking out of two litter. Buy water bottles instead of using cups or buy plastic cups that can be throw away. Not exactly environment friendly, but you can recycle as much as you can from the paper and can products.

Step 3

Plan an easy to make breakfast on Christmas Day. The kids are going to try to eat their candy for breakfast anyhow. Having some pre-cook hard boiled eggs is a great treat for Christmas Day. Santa even left a note on a few eggs for the kids last year.

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